12 Acoustic warning Phase's system check for 400V 50/60Hz power supplies. A sound signal advice the operator when the phase is opposite to the disk’s rotation direction, without starting the machine. Disk brake security It is a braking system for three-phased motors, which allows a very fast complete stop of the disc after the saw switch-off. Certifications All electrical machines are supplied with a CE, EAC, certificate and some with the TÜV/GS mark also. Customs Battipav has the AEO Status "Authorized Economic Operator" issued by the Italian Customs Agency. With exports over 90% of total production it confirms the Status of reliability and safety with Community values and it simplifies and facilitates operations with customs authorities. Safety All the machines from are protected by electric safety devices against over-heating and power overload, according to the existing rules about safety on the job site. Ecology and respect of the environment The products use the less possible packaging material, especially on machines equipped with system. We only use recycled carton boxes, biodegradable plastic film and ecologies paints. The largest part of our machines have an aluminium structure. Aluminium does not need to be painted, which reduces pollution and can be regenerated many times. Electric motors are designed to deliver the highest performance at the minimum power consumption, so avoiding waste of energy.